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What is Black Excellence

What will you do to bring about unity among our people?


What is Black Excellence and why is it important? Black excellence usually refers to a high level of achievement, success, or ability demonstrated by an individual Black person or by Black people in general. Why do Black people always feel the need to be excellent? Why can’t we just be ourselves?

We cannot dismiss the need for Black Excellence as Black people are not given the accolades they deserve by wider society. So, we must let each other know that we see one another. That our achievements are not just passing over our heads and that we are not ignoring them either. It is needed and should be used for ALL Black people who are trying to be and do the best they can, whether in their careers or personal life.

This means that Black Excellence is not subjected to academia but is for ALL types of greatness.

  • The single parent who works multiple jobs to provide for their family.
  • The frontline worker struggling to make ends meet may not be deemed exceptional in our society, but they are.
  • Living in a world designed to keep you confined is Black excellence.

It is a support system, one that is needed in our community, to encourage and lift up one another. It does not eradicate oppression nor does it change the system that we live in. It changes the hearts and minds of people. It may inspire equal access but it does not solely create this access that is needed.

How can we help our people achieve Black Excellence?

  • Support Black organizations and businesses to let that organization know you stand and support them. This encourages them to keep going and to do more.
  • Donate to causes and organizations that uplift the voices of Black individuals.
    Educate yourself and others about the injustices that all Black people face in society. Solidarity with no knowledge will result in no action against such injustices.
  • Black excellence is not the acknowledgment of one single achievement that benefits one individual. It is all the little achievements that benefit the black community.

Black excellence is simply existing in a world that so desperately wants to destroy us. It’s up to us to overcome barriers, surpass expectations and stereotypes, and defy the odds to grow and succeed through or despite challenges.

Black excellence is me and every other Black person working towards the advancement of our people.

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